Our mission is to help people with neurological challenges regain balance and stability by building a trusted, working partnership with a trained service dog. We also train dogs for Disabled Veterans with neurological challenges,PTSD and TBI.

Over 1 million people in the United States are living Multiple Sclerosis, about 200 new cases are diagnosed each week in the United States.  Like other neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease or even stroke, MS patients can experience problems with balance and stability.

A trained balance and stability service dog offers physical and emotional support for people who want to retain their independence.

Unfortunately, many people who would benefit from a service dog can’t find one, much less afford one.  That’s where Assist Dogs can help.

We source appropriate dogs from breeders, pick up and transport the animal here at no cost to qualifying applicants.  Once a dog is matched with it’s owner, we offer training and help with ongoing costs (if funds are available), like food, flea protection and veterinary care.

You can make a donation right now. We greatly appreciate your help.

Currently we serve central North Carolina – Raleigh and the surrounding area, though we hope eventually to expand across the state. We’re a non-profit organization, run by our founder, Pauline Cooke.

As the Executive Director of Assist Dogs, Pauline Cooke has a tremendous passion for this cause. Her love of dogs and personal experience with service animals has lead her to this mission. Making dogs available to those who are in need, regardless of income, is truly her dream.

Service dogs provide balance and stability for people with MS, ParkinsonsThere are limited resources for service dogs in North Carolina. Breeds that are best suited for people with balance and stability issues are not easily available or affordable.  Without financial means, people who might benefit from an animal are least likely to have one.

The cost to our economy – and people’s quality of life – is high.  Service dogs can help prevent falls and their resulting injuries.  They contribute to independent mobility and the confidence to be more involved in life.  They help people put off the need for human caregivers as long as possible.

Service dogs are solution to loneliness and isolation.

We’re beginning our journey to help build loving, loyal and healthy partnerships between people and their working dogs. We look forward to your support. Thank you.