Service dogs bring immediate companionship and long term support for people who need support to maintain balance and stability. But owning a service dog is not without responsibilities.

Most of the service dogs we provide are puppies in training.  We choose animals that have the size, strength and temperament to be trained as a balance and stability service dog.  We also try to choose breeds that are hypoallergenic to minimize issues with shedding and dander.

Benefits from Your Service Dog

Our objective is to help people with neurological challenges maintain their independent mobility for as long as possible.  A service dog is taught to perform tasks, like these, that help their owners:

  • Support to keep your balance while walking or climbing stairs
  • Support to get up from a sitting position
  • Support to get up from squatting
  • Loyal companionship
  • Emotional support

Owner Responsibilities

Having a service dog is a commitment to work together and providing a safe, happy home environment:

  • Attend weekly training classes (transporting your dog) and make a commitment to practice tasks at home
  • Be physically able to walk or exercise the dog (or have someone at the house who can help)
  • Be able to groom the dog, brushing their coat, keeping nails trimmed. (or have someone at the house who can help)
  • Be physically able to out food and fresh water (or have someone at the house who can help)
  • Have enough space in your home for a larger dog
  • Be patient and loving with your dog as they learn

We want you and your dog to have a good quality of life. If you have any questions about what’s involved with owning a service dog, contact us.