We provide strong, healthy breeds with the size, strength and temperament to become a qualified balance and stability service dog.

Finding the right breed of dog is harder than it sounds.  Though all dogs provide their owners with love, loyalty and companionship – being a service dog is a job with specific qualifications.

We have and will train any breed that meets the specific qualifications to be a balance and stability dog, including rescue dogs.

St. Berdoodles are our preferred breed of service dog

It’s important that the dogs we provide are strong, but gentle.

Service dogs have a job to do and they’re on duty 24/7.

A balance and stability dog helps people maintain independent mobility. They provide an option for balance when walking, getting up or out of bed, even off the couch.  If for some reason you fall, your dog needs to be able to help you get back up.

Our dogs provide a way out of loneliness and isolation, all the while building confidence to get back into life.