Here are some answers to questions about having a service dog. If you still need more information, just contact us.

A dog provides immense value to it's owner, which a owner reciprocates by showing love to the dog. Whether the animal is a service animal or not does not change the positive effect it has on someone's life. Dogs need food, water, veterinary care, and in our case, training. We pay for these necessities by holding fundraising events, getting local people involved, and donations from generous people who believe in our cause. If you happen to be one of those generous people click here to donate.
We provide a dog of the correct size, strength, and temperament to become a wonderful balance and stability dog.
We do everything we can to make sure dog and owner are a good fit. But if there is an issue, we will come and pick up the dog, as per the terms of our agreement.  You cannot give the dog away or sell it - if you discover yourself to be unable to engage with the dog, ownership legally reverts to Assist Dogs.
At times, there may be a waiting list to receive a service dog.
We gladly welcome shelter dogs into our program! Though all dogs must meet the guidelines of a service dog for balance and stability training.
If the issue is financial, we will help to provide food. But if you are unable to bend or fill food and water bowls, you may not be eligible for one of our dogs.  Review the questions here.